Wednesday, June 20, 2018

angeletto, 980 second avenue, manhattan

These people understand hospitality. Crostini with a red-pepper spread and fresh whole grain bread were followed by the risotto of the day with shrimp and artichoke. Made from scratch, the risotto was unctuous yet the rice still was deliciously firm. The artichokes were tender and the shrimp was flavorful. Spaghetti with clams had the special touch of freshly made pasta rather than dried spaghetti. Generous with the very fresh clams, the sauce was just of the right thickness and not too salty. Tiramisu was extremely fresh and big enough for two people. The glass of Montepulciano was spectacular and even my friend's Pinot Grigio was fragrant and interesting. Espresso was concentrated and tasty. We were then offered a refreshing glass of Prosecco and a final taste of Muscat on the way out. Service was prompt and attentive. We visited the kitchen which was very clean and well organized. The pride and joy is a beautiful Italian pasta extruder (it looked expensive). I can't wait to try their lasagna!

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